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Lakeside Educational Society of Kelowna

“The smallest thing in its rightful place can lead to the highest goals.”

Rudolf Steiner

Who we are

Lakeside School is a Registered Initiative with the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and has a membership with the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America. The school is operated and governed by the Lakeside Educational Society of Kelowna (LESK) which is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia. The LESK Board of Trustees is a group of appointed volunteers made up of parents from the school and members of the greater Lakeside School community. Lakeside School’s Principal is an ex officio voting member of the board. Each Trustee brings professional expertise and insights to support the Educational and Administration Team.

The role of the Lakeside School Board of Trustees is to guide the school’s vision, mission, values and strategic goals and to establish policies and procedures consistent with these. The Board safeguards the school's assets and oversees executive decision making to enhance the school's performance and reputation. With the Principal and Administrative Team, the Board guides strategic planning and provides vision and leadership for the school’s continued growth.


The process to recruit new LESK Board Trustees is overseen by Board Members with input from the Principal, Administration and the parent body. A new Board member must hold membership in LESK and ideally has been an active member of the Society for at least a year prior to being considered for a Board position.

How to Join our Non-profit Society

In order to join the Lakeside Educational Society of Kelowna (LESK) it is important that the individual has an affinity to Waldorf Education and an interest in learning about the unique teaching philosophy and curriculum developed by Rudolf Steiner. 


As a help to individuals considering this prerequisite for membership, applicants are asked to read AWSNA’s 7 Principles for Waldorf Schools as well as talk to present Society Members or Board Trustees to learn more.

Every Member must uphold the purposes of the Society and must comply with the Bylaws and act in the best interest of the Society.


Why Join LESK

If you love this school, if you believe in Waldorf education and want to see this movement grow in Kelowna, joining the Lakeside Educational Society of Kelowna is a step to show this support.

Interested in nomination to a Board Position?

Consider how your interpersonal and professional skills would be beneficial in a leadership role within the Board.

Reach out to a present Board Trustee,

the Principal or Administration for more information.

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