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“One should, when overwhelmed by the shadow of a giant, move aside and see if the colossal shadow isn't merely that of a pygmy blocking out the sun.”


As a not-for-profit, we are always promoting fundraising for specific projects that are not included in our annual budget. We have wonderful partnerships that help us keep our community spirit alive.

Please check some of the past fundraisers below and consider participating in our current ones.

You win, the school wins.

It's just because
of the community

support that
we were able to
build so much!

Warmth and Weather Fundraising


We are excited to announce a new affiliate partnership with Warmth & Weather to gear up for the cooler weather and to raise funds for our community!


The promotion runs from OCTOBER 15th to 31st. During this time Lakeside School will receive a 15% commission on every sale and community members will benefit from free group shipping.


Please shop through the link below and use the free shipping code lakeside23 at the checkout.


Thank you for supporting our community and partnership with Warmth & Weather.

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